Donate Your Junk

Have items you want to get rid of and want to put them to good use? Thank you for thinking of us! We DO accept donations!

We accept the following items:

*Glass items (such as dishes, bottles, mirrors, etc)

*Wooden objects (tables, chairs, night stands, dressers, etc.)

*Electronics (such as flat screen TVs, computer towers, stereos etc)

WE DO NOT ACCEPT the following items:

*Tube TVs or projection TVs

*Washers or dishwashers

*Refrigerators or Vacuums

*Microwaves or items with  light bulbs

*Mattresses or couches

Other prohibited items may not be listed (feel free to email for clarification)

If you are donating in bulk (20 large items or more) We do pick ups! (in the spring area and close surrounding areas). For items not in bulk, feel free to drop items off at Smash Therapy either during or outside of Business hours. (there is a fence outside designated for donations).