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Want to have a Smash Therapy session for 16 or more people?

Have a pop up smash event at your desired location. Perfect for corporate events, employee appreciation, celebrations, etc.

Take a break in our Pop Up Smash Room. 


2  hours $3500 Per Tent


4 hours $4500 Per Tent


5+ Hours (email

Participants are calculated per time frame. (Up to 25 people can be accommodated in one hour per tent )

Safety gear, weapons and breakables supplied

All participants must sign  a waiver

*We will need an outside or indoor area of 60 ft+ length to set up 

*Access to a dumpster 

*Access to outlets

​Extra  cost

Additional charge of $1.00 a mile if more than 30 miles outside of zip code 77379.


Available Monday- Wednesday any time

For other days Thursday-Sunday $200 Fee applies 

Please reserve at least 4 weeks in advance

Payments are secured upon reservation

Onsite Pop Up events are also hosted at Smash Therapy

options can be viewed here


  • How many people can be in the pop up room at once? 

  • How much time do you get in the pop up room? up to 3 minutes 

  • What items can be broken? Various electronic items

  • What weapons can be used? hammers, bats, crowbars etc. 

  • How many items in total will we get? total item number will be based on time frame and number of tents booked. Up to 25 people per hour per tent will be the number of items procured. 

  • What safety gear is included? Shields and gloves are provided to protect the eyes and hands

  • What sanitation precautions are taken?  Head gears/shields are sanitized between each use. Gloves are used once. 

  • How do I get additional questions answered? Please email

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