Asssitant Manager

Asssitant Manager

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Meet Amy, she is our community liasion! She provides information on our POP UP events to local organizations. In addition to working at Smash Therapy, Amy is a certified mental health professional currently providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities in Harris County. Amy is also in Graduate school pursuing a degree in Counseling. 

A Note from Amy: "I am incredibly grateful to be apart of the Smash Therapy team to help everyday people who need a "break"". 

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Meet Kei'Erica, an Assistant Manager for Smash Therapy. She is Graduate from Grambling State University with BA in Psychology and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Counseling. Kei’Erica is an active behavioral specialist and mental health professional serving individuals throughout Harris County. She is a Houston Native and enjoys traveling and positive self-care activities when not working. 

Meet Cara, a mental health advocate for smash therapy. She is a recent high school graduate and is excited to see what’s next for her. Cara loves helping people in any way she can and enjoys being an ally for others. In her free time she likes to read, do arts and crafts, and hang out with friends.

Meet Robert, an Assistant Manager for Smash Therapy. A recent high school graduate and an advocate for mental health. Robert enjoys helping others maximize their full potential. 


Meet Tammy, a mental health advocate for Smash Therapy and an active Texas Board Certified Probation Officer. From the Beautiful Island of Guam, Tam brings her work ethic and ambition while encouraging others to do what they thought was once impossible. Tammy is also the owner of our in-store gift shop showcasing her crafty talents.