Asssitant Manager

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Meet Amy, our lovely assistant Manager! In addition to working at Smash Therapy, Amy is a certified mental health professional currently providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities in Harris County. Amy is also in Graduate school pursuing a degree in Counseling. 

A Note from Amy: "I am incredibly grateful to be apart of the Smash Therapy team to help everyday people who need a "break"". 

Team Member


 Meet Hans, one of our trusty team members. Hans is a U of H graduate with a BA in Sociology. In addition to working to at Smash Therapy Hans volunteers with disaster relief programs such as Americorps FEMA to assist in emergency management. In his off time, Hans runs, cycles and paints. 






Meet Sam, Our very first staff member since early 2019. He is a mental Health advocate for Smash Therapy and a Private owned Psychiatric Facility. Sam is a Texas A & M graduate and a Houston Native. He is a big proponent for giving back to his community and rehabilitating others to happiness. 

Meet Tammy, a mental health advocate for Smash Therapy and an active Texas Board Certified Probation Officer. From the Beautiful Island of Guam, Tam brings her work ethic and ambition while encouraging others to do what they thought was once impossible. Tammy is also the owner of our in-store gift shop showcasing her crafty talents.