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 Want to own a smash room but don't know where to start?


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*Mentor ship- open your own smash room (with your own name and aspects) with guidance from the creator of Smash Therapy $6000 for a 6 month term


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You might be a great fit to own a Smash Room if you:

  • Are looking to impact your community with a legal coping strategy.

  • Have a passion and knowledge for behavioral health.

  • Have a proven track record in business leadership.

  • Have successfully managed your personal finances.

  • Are a results-oriented self-starter interested in starting and growing a business.

  • Are prepared to have no other active business venture.

This is not the right opportunity for you if you:

  • Are seeking a passive investment in a business.

  • Looking for a get rich quick scheme

  • Want to sell property to Smash Therapy, LLC

  • Are requesting that Smash Therapy, LLC build at a specified location.

  • Are seeking multi-unit franchise opportunities.

  • Are not interested or have knowledge in behavioral health.


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