Event Coordinator

Pop Up Smash Events are perfect for corporate events, significant gatherings and other festivities.

Smash Therapy travels to desired locations with pop up tents to serve groups of 20+ people

The roles of Smash Therapy’s event coordinator will include the following:

*Reach out to companies via email or phone who may be interested or benefit from a Smash Therapy event

*Introduce pop up events to companies 

*Entice/offer any existing deals

* Closed deals equals pay


Position is commission only

Item Collector

Smash Therapy thrives on being able to provide the service of customers being able to break household items for fun or for therapeutic purposes. 

The roles of an item collector include collecting breakable items weekly. 


There are 3 payment options,


1) Weekly pay with the item requirement met

2) Paid per item



3)Pick up donations on behalf of the comapany

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