Want to have a Smash Therapy session for 13 or more people?

Have a pop up smash event at your desired location. Perfect for corporate events, employee appreciation, celebrations, etc.

Take a break in our Pop Up Smash Room. 


1-2  hours $2000 Per Tent


3-4 hours $3500 Per Tent


5+ Hours (email info@smashtherapyllc.com)

Participants are calculated per time frame. (Up to 24 people can be accommodated in one hour per tent )

Safety gear, weapons and breakables supplied

All participants must sign  a waiver

*We will need an outside or indoor area of 60 ft+ length to set up 

*Access to a dumpster 

*Access to outlets

Extra  cost

Additional charge of .89 a mile if more than 30 miles outside of zip code 77379.

Available Monday- Wednesday any time

For other days Thursday-Sunday $500 Fee applies

Please reserve at least 4 weeks in advance

Please reserve at least 4 weeks in advance


  • How many people can be in the pop up room at once? 1 person can be on the electronics side and 1 person can be on the glass side (sides are separated by a curtain wall)

  • How much time do you get in the pop up room? We don't want to time it since we're on your time but ideally 5 minutes or less is standard per person. 

  • What items will we be breaking? You will have a choice between glass or electronics

  • What weapons can we use? Because there is limited swinging space, weapons will be limited to mini hammers, bats, and short metal bars 

  • How many items in total will we get as a party? total item number will be based on time frame and number of tents booked. Up to 24 people per hour per tent will be the number of items procured. 

  • What safety gear is included? Shields and gloves are provided to protect the eyes and hands

  • What COVID_19 precautions are taken?  Head gears/shields are sanitized between each use. Gloves are used once. Weapons are wiped down between uses and encouraged to be touched with gloved hands. If there is a line, we will promote social distancing with markers on the ground  of 6 feet.

  • How do I get additional questions answered? Please email info@smashtherapyllc.com