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Anna B.

"Oh boy that was way more therapeutic than I thought it would be. I feel like I’ve had a massage and all I did was beat the crap out of furniture and smash glass with a tire iron. If you need some stress relief, I am telling you, this was amazing!! I brought my team of managers for a group therapy session and everyone loved it. I thought 20 minutes wouldn’t be long enough but we worked up quite a sweat in there. 20 minutes was way more than enough for us. I can’t wait to bring my kids to the kid room!!"

Jessica H.

"This place was amazing, more cathartic than going to the gun range. When I left, a tight feeling I didn’t even know I was carrying in my chest was lifted. Plenty of weapons to choose from, various bottles to smash to your heart’s content, plus the owner was really nice and friendly. I like that they offer monthly memberships as well. Looking forward to bringing some friends who I know could use this!"

Hazel A.

"Amazing place. Highly recommend. Thank you Jennifer for your help in planning my special date night. I will be back!"

Amanda H.

"This place is awesome! I had fun beating the crud out of a computer monitor and I did it with great friends! This was so therapeutic😍"

Jada C.

"Smash therapy is a great way to relieve all of your stress. I am so glad i went, i felt a million times better afterwards."

Femi O.

"Amazing spot to release stress and anxiety."

Erin W.

"Jennifer is very responsive and knowledgeable. She had everything ready and waiting for us and was so nice! I have a stressful job and had a long week at work, but by the time I left we were laughing! My friend's been dealing with grief and loss for a while now and this was the perfect way to let loose and break some stuff ;) This was the perfect outlet for some much needed stress relief and there's no clean up on our end! Perfect!! I'm recommending to everyone!"

Angel R.

I brought my daughter and her friend for a smash session. This is a wonderful place. Jennifer is a sweet person and has brought something amazing to this city. May God continue to bless her and her business!!!

Taylor N.

I’ve never been the type of person to get angry and smash things, but today life was just too much and this place was just what I needed. The owner was awesome and even had self care ideas to take home which was a nice touch. 10/10 would recommend this place and will be back!

Teresa B.

This place is one of a kind!! It’s a great place to go and release all negative feelings and come out feeling exhausted, relieved and lighter. The owner is great at explaining everything and she has fliers on self care. I can’t give this place enough praise!!!!

Sarah C.

Took the family had such a great time!! All of us feel so much better! My son is hooked, so we will be making more visits. What a great experience, so nice to just let go and BREAK stuff. My son needed this so bad. The owner is really awesome and explains everything. Very happy we went!!

Lana M.

This was such a helpful experience! It is a great and safe way to get rid of your stress and pent up anger. It was wonderful!!

Gabrielle S.

This place is a fantastic way to channel any kind of pent up energy or frustrations in a controlled environment. Not to mention a hell of a workout! Took my Husband here for his birthday and he had an amazing time! We will definitely be back soon!

Kayla S.

Thank you so much for the awesome opportunity! I definitely will be back!! ❤️so much fun

Shar A.

Jennifer is very welcoming, informative and accommodating to requests. I was hesitant at first but thoroughly enjoyed the experience which allowed for some serious emotional unloading. I'm seriously considering a weekly visit! Thx, Smash!